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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Winter stripped the blossoms bare, a different tree now lines the streets, shaking it's fists in the air

To everyone posting links to The Express's story that it's going to be the coldest winter for 66 years, a few things to consider:

Firstly, it's the Express. I'm not saying you should take *Everything* they say with a pinch of salt, but they haven't had a front page in 16 years that isn't about a conspiracy behind Princess Diana's death, "New" information on the Madeline McCann case, items that either cause or cure cancer, or Weather. 

Secondly, what would a newspaper who regularly prints stories claiming climate change is a hoax gain by claiming that it's the coldest winter on record? (Odd that people who claim a cold snap, or even one cold winter means climate change is a hoax, using that particular pseudo-scientific technique you could easily say that a hot day in the summer proves it.)

Thirdly, this is the long range forcast that they've interpreted as "Worst winter for 66 years with 100 days of snow!!!!": "December 2013

December looks like being an unsettled month with no one particular pattern dominating the whole of the proceedings. During more settled phases of weather, frost and ice can be expected, perhaps severe with regards to frost. There will be a risk of sleet and snow, generally across northern and north eastern areas, with perhaps some southerly incursions, although anything sustained here is unlikely. Milder weather will be in evidence with wet and windy episodes, although around the festive period to the north and north east, perhaps conditions cold enough for a scattering of snow showers, making for a White Christmas. Drier than average for the month across northern areas, on the average to the south. Temperatures for December will reflect on or around the average.

January 2014

January generally looks a wetter and potentially colder month, possibly significantly colder, so combining the two looks likely to produce some snow events of note throughout the first month of 2014, but whilst the mix may favour chillier weather, milder and wetter weather will be in evidence at times. The emphasis on the snow will not just be across northern regions but fairly widespread at times, giving much of the UK a taste of winter's past, bringing the season more into line with how the weather should be for the time of year. Perhaps a few surprises during January. With regards to rainfall, a wetter than average month, with temperatures on or below the average."

Essentially , they've headlined their report "A taste of winter past?" and The Express has interpreted that, rather than the content of the report, which, it has to be said follows Betteridge's Law of Headlines "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered with the word "no""

What we have, is a paper with an agenda of denying climate change, claiming experts are saying one thing when they're not, and writing it in such an alarmist way that it seeps into the national consciousness "It's going to be the worst winter on record" then when it isn't, who's to blame? Is it the newspaper who made things up based, not on evidence, but the headline to a piece? No, blame the bloody weathermen, they always get it wrong don't they? Eh? Well, no actually, they get it right over 90% of the time. This particular piece of bullshit from the Express is a win/win for them. Wrong? Not their fault. Right? Climate change is a hoax!

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