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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Rules of Engagement

Ok, I'm at the Edinburgh festival now, and I've been writing a blog for another source for the last 8 months, so as it's already managed to form itself into a narrative structure and we're halfway through the story I thought I'd post all the blogs from the 31st July onwards.

My Name's Bethany Black and I'm a Stand-up comedian. if there's names you don't recognise, then google them, you'll find out who they are.

anyway what follows is a really, really, really long blog split into sections which is essentially my day to day life here at the festival.


Rules of Engagement

Last year at around this time I was unemployed and not making enough from comedy to live off and decided on a little plan. I was going to go to Edinburgh and see what happened, so with £20 in my pocket and a car full of fuel I set off north with Steve Hughes to see what would happen.

£20, my car and a dream.

I had no gigs booked in, I had no income, I had nowhere to stay and not enough fuel to get home again.